IchigoJam Board

What is this?

This is a tiny PC to learn programming and to make TV games and IoT devices.

version: LPC1114
MPU NXP LPC1114 (arm Cortex-M0 48MHz, ROM:32kB, RAM:4kB)
GPIO OUT x6, PWM x4, D-IN x4, A-IN x2
Keyboard PS/2 over USB-A (Interface is USB but signal is PS/2)
Video RCA Composit (NTSC/PAL: OS depends)
Sound Beep
Network UART Serial
Power microUSB (5v, 50mA)
Notes LED x1, Button x1 on board
version: GD32VF103
MPU GigaDevice GD32VF103 (RISC-V 32-bit 96MHz, ROM:128kB, RAM:32kB)
GPIO OUT x6, PWM x6, D-IN x4, A-IN x4
Keyboard USB and PS/2
Video RCA Composit (NTSC)
Sound Beep
Network UART Serial
Power microUSB (5v, 50mA)
Notes LED x1, Button x1 on board
To educators
We are looking for educational users of this board. We can support your organization, please contact us.
To makers
We are collecting works made by this board. Please tell us your works.

Board styles

There are 2 styles of IchigoJam board.

Original style

It is called "IchigoJam". There are several types, such as color differences.
Separate style

It is called "IchigoDake" and "IchigoIgai". "Dake" means Only. "Igai" means Others.
Both styles are the same IchigoJam board.

Available OSs

There are some OSs for your choice.

IchigoJam BASIC
A classical BASIC style OS like AppleII, Commodore and MSX.
A command shell style OS like Unix. There are some version for about programming language.
A warrior style OS like RPG warrior. You can make program by cross key of game pad.
A GUI style OS. You can use the mouse instead of the keyboard. (Under Developing)

How to install?

One OS of them is pre-installed on the board. But you can re-flash it for your choice. Please refer this blog article.

Where to get?

You can get IchigoJam board from;

We are looking for distributors in your country, please contact us.